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About Us

Kauffman FastTrac is a global provider of training that equips aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the business skills and insights, tools, resources, and peer networks necessary to start and grow successful businesses. Kauffman FastTrac was created by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation in the world devoted to entrepreneurship.

About Our FastTrac Programs

FastTrac® NewVentureTM

The FastTrac NewVenture program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea for a business, but need a plan and framework to successfully start a company. The program will help these entrepreneurs:
• Develop their business concept.
• Determine the viability of the business idea.
• Outline the critical steps to a successful business launch.
• Formulate a detailed business plan.
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FastTrac® TechVentureTM

The FastTrac TechVenture program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who are developing a technology- or science-based businesses and need help navigating the factors that go in to starting such a company. The program will help these entrepreneurs:
• Realize the business behind the technology.
• Develop the skills to start, operate and grow a technology or science-based
• Understand how to acquire funding and intellectual property protection.
• Learn how to identify and pursue funding for your business.
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FastTrac® GrowthVentureTM

The FastTrac GrowthVenture program is designed for entrepreneurs who currently own companies and are looking for proven strategies and processes for healthy growth. The program will help these entrepreneurs:
• Carefully review and evaluate important aspects of their existing business.
• Explore next stage growth, future opportunities and exit strategies.
• Reshape the business for long-term profitability and improved performance.
• Discover the operational systems needed to support the growing business.
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Planning the Entrepreneurial VentureTM

This immersive course is designed to provide community college, college, and university students with the foundational knowledge needed to successfully launch a business. Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture will prepare students to be active in the marketplace at the right time. The program also help students:
• Assess their abilities as entrepreneurs.
• Evaluate the viability of a business idea.
• Create a business concept and plan.
• Define strategies for establishing and marketing a business.
• Analyze pricing for a product or service.
• Understand capital needs and financial statements.
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Listening to Your Business TM

The Listening to Your Business program is a four-hour workshop designed for entrepreneurs who currently own companies and want to step away from their business and determine growth strategies. The program will help these entrepreneurs:
• Examine your business with a strengths, weaknesses and opportunities
• Visualize your business three years from now.
• Formulate an internal planning process to establish interim goals and
• Identify resources to assist you in reaching business goals.
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The Intentional Entrepreneur TM

The Intentional Entrepreneur program is a four-hour workshop designed for individuals who are interested in exploring entrepreneurship and want to better understand the practical aspects of owning a business. During this interactive workshop, participants will:
• Assess their entrepreneurial interest.
• Identify your personal and professional goals.
• Explore the action steps necessary to realize business ownership.
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