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Kauffman FastTrac - Global Women's Summit
Nov 16, 2011

A Global Entrepreneurship Week Featured Event

Wednesday | November 16, 2011 | 8am-6pm
Kauffman Foundation Conference Center

4801 Rockhill Road | Kansas City, Missouri

Your mind. Your business. That’s one powerful combination. Seize your opportunity at the Kauffman FastTrac Global Women’s Summit. Whether you are beginning your entrepreneurial journey or determining your next step, you belong there. Enjoy a day to strengthen your mind and your business. Space is limited.

Registration is $75 per person and includes breakfast, lunch and a cocktail networking reception. See below for more details on speakers, workshops, networking opportunities. Click the "Apply Now" button to register. We hope to see you there!

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8:00am - Registration, Breakfast & Networking
9:00am - Welcome
9:05am - Global Trends - Women in Entrepreneurship
10:00am - Workshops
• Option 1 – Using the Power of Negotiation to Get What You Want
• Option 2 – Get Sparked! Exploring Innovation
• Option 3 – Strategic Visioning for Existing Business Owners
(Detailed information is located in the Workshops section below)
11:15am - Break - Move to Lunch
11:30am - Fireside Chat

12:15pm - Keynote: An Entrepreneur's Story - Disrupting the Market
1:00pm - Break - Move to Panel Discussions
1:15pm - Panel Discussions
• Option 1 - Scaling Your Business
• Option 2 - Closing the Sale: Thoughts on Effective Sales and Marketing
• Option 3 - Building a Board
(Detailed information is located in the Panel Discussions section below)
2:15pm - Break - Move to Keynotes
2:30pm - Financing/Fundraising for Your Business
3:30pm - Intentional Networking

- Closing Remarks
4:30pm - Networking Reception

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Keynote Sessions:
9:15am - Global Trends - Women in Entrepreneurship
Speaker: Julie Weeks, CEO, Womenable; President, AWBC

Description: Women entrepreneurs are making their mark in industry. As of 2011, it is estimated that there are over 8.1 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating nearly $1.3 trillion in revenues and employing nearly 7.7 million people. Even with these numbers, there is still much more opportunity. Join Julie Weeks as she discusses the state of women-owned businesses and adresses the issues they face and also the opportunities available for women-owned firms to reach their full potential.

11:30am - A Fireside Chat with Jean Case
Speaker: Jean Case, CEO, Case Foundation

Description: A passionate believer in all things digital and the amazing potential of technology to change the world for the better, Jean Case and her team focus the efforts of the Case Foundation around many of the same entrepreneurial approaches she and her husband, Steve cultivated throughout their business careers. The Case Foundation is recognized for its leadership in leveraging new technologies and applying innovative approaches to increase giving; catalyze civic business participation; and promote innovation, collaboration and leadership in the nonprofit sector - many we would also call entrepreneurs. Lesa Mitchell will guide us through this intimate discussion with a great American entrepreneur and philanthropist.

12:15pm - An Entrepreneur's Story - Disrupting the Market
Speaker: Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder, Square; Founder Mirasmart

Description: Ever wonder how an idea is born? How it comes to fruition? What about when a product or service that didn't exist before takes the market by storm - completely disrupting prior norms and behaviors? Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square, the San Francisco startup changing the way people handle business transactions, will share his entrepreneurial background as the founder of several companies. He will provide insight on early successes and challenges he faced with each of his companies. And, he'll tell us how a brilliantly simple concept that was imagined as the result of a lost transaction is challenging our way of thinking and doing business. 

2:30pm - Financing/Fundraising for Your Business
Moderator: Leigh Wasson, Senior Director, BNY Mellon Wealth Management
Panelists: Alexsis de Raadt St. James, Founder & Chairman, The Althea Foundation
Sharon Vosmek, CEO, Astia
Eric Jackson, CEO, CapLinked
Greg Gottesman, Managing Director, Madrona Venture Group

Description: This panel offers something for all entrepreneurs and features several highly successful individuals all of whom have been involved in the funding process. They will speak from different perspectives about financing a business - everything from small mom 'n' pop to large, gazelle type high-tech companies. Participants, irrespective of which stage their business is in, will walk away from this session with a good sense for what potential investors look for from a founder prior to funding.

3:30pm - Intentional Networking
Speaker: Eric Morgenstern, CEO, Morningstar Communications

Description: In business, who you know and who knows you are critical factors for expanding your company's reach and connecting with potential partners and clients -- ensuring that you stay top of mind in a increasingly competitive environment. You are the face of your company, and building your personal brand is vital to networking success. This session will provide practical, immediately, useful tips for how to build your personal brand and grow your contact base through developing enduring, trust-based, reciprocal professional relationships that help your business grow.

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Workshop Information:
Be prepared to select one of the options below on the registration page
Option 1 - Using the Power of Negotiation to Get What You Want (funded in part by American Express OPEN)
Speaker: Jenifer Lampi, Accenture Negotiation Center of Excellence

Description: You negotiate all the time, so how can you feel more prepared to achieve your objectives? How do you improve your negotiations skills so you can influence outcomes? This session will share how to prepare, conduct and review a negotiation so you can leave ready to negotiate your way to success.

Option 2 - Get Sparked! Exploring Innovation (funded in part by ACTiVATE)
Speaker: Julie Lenzer Kirk, Co-Founder and CEO, ACTiVATE

Description: The first step in starting a business – and one where many aspiring entrepreneurs get stuck – is identifying that perfect idea. Some people have trouble coming up with valuable ideas while others suffer from indecision when the many great ideas you have paralyze you into inaction.

This workshop is for you whether you already own your business, are looking for new ideas, or are itching to start a new business but don’t have that killer idea. It will change the way you look at your options. It will awaken your sensibilities to perceive possible innovations all around and identify viable opportunities that address your needs while leveraging your strengths.

Option 3 - Strategic Visioning for Existing Business Owners
Speaker: Michele Markey, Director, Kauffman FastTrac

Description: Most entrepreneurs have experienced a driving force, or overriding purpose, for starting their business. Successful entrepreneurs take it one step further and develop a vision for the future growth of their business. This vision helps guide the day-to-day operations and strategic decision-making necessary to achieve success. Specifically designed for entrepreneurs, this workshop will help you answer:
• Where is my business today?
• What stage is my business in?
• Where do I want to see my business three years from now?
• What transitions will I, as the entrepreneur, need to make?

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Panel Discussions:
Be prepared to select one of the options below on the registration page
Option 1 - Scaling Your Business
Moderator: Doug Krebs, President, Ascend Learning
Panelists: Peter Brown, CEO, Grassmere Partners
Jeri Harman, Founder and Partner, Avante Mezzanine Partners

Jim McKelvey, Co-Founder, Square; Founder, Mirasmart

Description: Relative to men, fewer women consider the growth potential of their businesses. In fact, Kauffman Foundation research shows that women often purposely start businesses as a lifestyle choice in order to gain greater flexibility and control over their schedules and competing priorities rather than thinking of them as high growth opportunities. This panel will include entrepreneurs and experts who will share insights on thinking big when it comes to growing a business along with tips for implementing and sustaining growth.

Option 2 - Closing the Sale: Thoughts on Effective Sales and Marketing (funded in part by E&Y)
A conversation among a group of Ernst &Young Entrepreneurial Winning Women
Moderator: Shannon Stites, Partner - Assurance, Ernst & Young LLP
Panelists:Jill Cartwright, Founder and President, Go GaGa
Lili Hall, Founder and CEO, KNOCK inc.
Sue Rice, Founder and CEO, Cavanagh Services Group
Sherry Stewart Deutschmann, Founder and CEO, Letter Logic

Description: Does the thought of selling make you uncomfortable? Do you struggle with finding a way to close the sale? If you answered yes to either/ both of these questions, this session is for you. Join us as a group of highly successful business owners, all of whom were selected by Ernst & Young for its Entrepreneurial Winning Women Program, share insights based on their own experiences with effective positioning, branding and sales of their companies and related products and services.

Option 3 - Building a Board
Moderator: Lesa Mitchell, VP, Advancing Innovation, Kauffman Foundation
Panelists: Donna James, Managing Director, Lardon & Associates, LLC
Robin Sterneck, Founder, Highland Birch Group

Description: Does your growing business need a Board of Directors? There has been quite a bit of research on boards and small- to medium-sized businesses showing that a board's involvement can be positively related to the financial performance of the venture. This session features several highly successful business people, each of whom have and do serve on a variety of corporate boards. The panel will focus on the importance of building a strong board of directors and/or advisors. The panelists will also share insights about criteria to consider when selecting board members, cautionary tips, what their expectations are as board members and other helpful information for structuring and managing effective boards.

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Nov 16, 2011

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